Handcrafted decor made by the Great Silk Road craftsmen

JOMO Decor JOMO Decor JOMO Decor

JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) is the joy of missed opportunities and the pleasure of each moment.
JOMO DECOR are carefully designed interior decorations that were created with love and an emphasis on quality. They help to slow down and get the feeling of the live communication.


We offer unique handcrafted interior decorations that are getting even more precious over time. In order to achieve this, we look for the best artists who create unique fabrics, embroidery and ceramics in different parts of the world.

Each stage is performed manually, beginning from the initial design to the product release, following the traditional craft techniques. The production is performed slowly, and, as a result, it can take several weeks to produce a small batch. But it is the slow pace and pleasure of the process that lead to the creation of such beautiful and unique pieces of art that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We are not chasing trends – we create timeless products. We believe that design should have a soul – then the interior will be unique and memorable.


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The products we sell have been designed with love and emphasis on natural materials, durability and simplicity of design.


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JOMO Decor
We only use natural fabrics and materials, and all our decor is being created by hand, following the traditional techniques of Uzbek craftsmen. Therefore, each piece is unique, has its own nature and fills the interior with warm emotions.
We work with the best artists directly, without intermediaries. This allows us to keep the quality of the decor at the highest level.
Most of the items presented on the website can be made specifically for you - we can change the size, fabric, texture, colors so that the decorations fit your interior perfectly.
The value of our decor is not only in its elegance and quality, but also in the stories of its creation. We can spend hours talking about everything - the craftsman who created it, various manufacturing techniques, traditions and history. And over the years, the cost of our decor is only growing.
JOMO Decor

Our philosophy is based on the highest craftsmanship, natural materials, attention to detail and hand work.

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